Saturday, 1 February 2014

My Go-To Shower and Beauty Products

Hello Loves!

It feels like I haven't been on here for a long time. School just started which takes up so much time and keeps me tremendously busy from blogging.
Before I go on rambling about beauty stuff, I want to share a quote with you. I have received great feedback from the Quote Your Life post. So I decided to share another favourite quote from my collection.

"It takes courage to push yourself to places that you have never been test your break through barriers." Anonymous

Okay, now over to probably what you came here for.
I wanted to do a January favourites post, but instead I went for this post because I figured it might be more helpful. I asked some of you on Twitter what is that one product you can't do without in the shower, and the replies included a shower puff and body scrub. Let me know what is your go-to product in the shower whether it's your shampoo or face cleanser.

This is my go-to shower and beauty products.

About a month ago I purchased this body wash and exfoliating gloves. The body wash was recommended by a friend and it's honestly the most amazing thing ever. It smells just like coconut and cream. In addition to that I felt like I needed to exfoliate more, so I got these exfoliating gloves from The Body Shop. It's so much more easier to use a pair of gloves than buying a special body scrub because you can use it with your favourite body wash. A tip - if you shave or wax, exfoliate daily or weekly to get rid of the dead skin dancing on your body. You will notice a difference in your appearance, making your skin looking brighter and younger.

My dermatologist selected this face cleanser for me. I use this every night and morning. I can say it changed my skin because you can see double results than the normal Cetaphil cleanser. A foam substance helps control your oiliness which results in flawless, matte skin. I would recommend this to anyone who is breaking out at the moment. It's definitely a go-getter.

I wanted to include some of my favourite beauty products because I have genuinely been obsessing over them. This Calvin Klein foundation is just marvellous. I am so fascinated by it! I don't want to say more because I am doing a full review and post about this product.

This is the perfect tool for rushed mornings. If you have no time for eye makeup or just any makeup in general, keep one of these in your bag. I got mine from The Body Shop and I'm in love with it. It makes a difference if you curl those lashes correctly. A tip - start close to the root and move your eye lash curler upwards.

I am proud to say that I reached panel with this powder. It's kind of upsetting because now I know it's almost finished and I don't get it here. It gives me full coverage. I use a large powder brush which results in a flawless finish. One of my favourite powder foundations.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Let me know what is your go-to shower and beauty product.
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  1. great choices , i love my eyelash curlers !
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  2. Those gloves are such a great idea, I need a pair soon.
    Great post, I wanna try out a lot of the stuff here.

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